Boiler Explosion Policy

Type of Explosions

1. Chemical Explosion
2. Physical Explosion

Chemical Explosion

It is a matter of common knowledge that gun powder, detonators or any similar explosive compound could cause explosion under the influence of mechanical or thermal shocks; it is equally known that combustible and highly inflammable fluids and dusts can cause explosion if their concentration in the atmosphere exceeds the explosive limits. It is generally seen that origin of all such explosions is some from of chemical reaction or a chain of chemical reactions and on account of these, such explosions are classified under the general category of "Chemical Explosion."

Physical Explosion

In respect of pressure vessels handling inert fluids such steam, explosion can occur due to variation in fluid pressure. The variation being only in physical form and there no chemical reaction or changes responsible for such explosions as such these are classified as Physical Explosion and as distinct from chemical explosion. The cover under Fire Policy, however exclude Damages to all steam generator or Boiler Plants arising out of their own Explosions. It would thus been seen that a separate Boiler Explosion Insurance policy would be required in respect of steam generating plants or Boilers. Therefore Boiler should be insured under Boiler explosion policy to cover risk of its own explosions and also under the Fire policy to cover risk of explosion taking place else where in the vicinity and affecting the Boiler.