SIPF Helpline Number : 1800 180 6268
RGHS Helpline Number : 181

New Development on SIPF Portal

  1. GPF 2004 and GPF SAB can now be assigned to Dealings in Work Distribution.
  2. GPF Post Audit Module for Auto GPF Withdrawal.
  3. SI Post Audit Module for Auto SI Loan.
  4. NPS debit posting,Debits list provided by NPS scheme posted in individual ledgers.
  5. Work Distribution Module is functional and flexible.
  6. Penal Interest in SI Auto Loan is properly fixed.
  7. All retired SIPF Users deactivated. Whenever an SIPF User will retire its role become defunct.
  8. E-grass challans updated by scheduler. No more needs to be updated individually by GRN.
  9. Aadhar Based OTP Authentication for All users.
  10. NPS Ledger auto Updation from paymanger
  11. All failed payment in Auto Loan/Withdrawal automatically reinitiated by system.
  12. SMS Sent to Unit Head on Auto GPf Withdrawl and SI Auto loan
  13. Automatic Updation of Basic pay,Unit and designation from Last salary data.
  14. Language Change option for all users in SIPF Portal (Hindi,English)
  15. GPF 2004 Claim Process Started.
  16. Exception reports in Utility menu- (SI First Declaration Exception Report,Invalid/Duplicate Mobile Number,Payment Initiated Exception Report,Duplicate Employee Exception Report and SI Count Exception Report)
  17. GPF 2004 Scheme allotted for all employees appointed after and on 01/01/2004
  18. GPF 2004 Account no. has been generated for all GPF 2004 employee's