Premium Rates

Rate of Premium & Its Recovery

The monthly premium payable by the insured under the insurance scheme shall be such as is specified below or revised by Government order from time to time.

Premium rates declared by the government vide letter No. F. 13 (21) FD/Rev./76 Pt. Dated 25-02-2015

Pay Slab and Premium Rates

Sl. No. Pay in the salary slabs Rate of monthly premium
1 Rs.6050 to 8500 Rs.400
2 Rs. 8501 to 11000 Rs.550
3 Rs. 11001 to 18000 Rs.1100
4 Rs. 18001 to 28000 Rs.1550
5 Rs. 28001 and above Rs. 2650
6 Maximum Rs.3000

Further Assurances:

Whenever, as a result of change in pay slabs, the premium already payable by an insured falls short of the premium to be payable by him, further assurance shall be granted for incremental premium & incremental recoveries shall be effected from his pay from the month of March of the same financial year.